07 May 2018

Western Vogue meets Mini-Horses

Yesterday, we said to each other: “It’s a cloudless day in the valley, let’s get out there with a couple of cameras and make some art!” And right after that decision, we discovered that Pioneertown, California was close so we grabbed our gear and took off into the high desert near Joshua Tree National Park …turns out, we made the right choice, ’cause we ran into a whole HEAP of western inspiration, including shooting an impromptu fashion shoot! When we arrived at Pioneertown, […]

16 Apr 2018

Steel and Legends at the Palm Springs Elks Club

When you’re living in a man-made paradise of legendary exploits from the mid-century of America: Of COURSE there are gorgeous examples of vehicular art, just ROLLING down the street on most afternoons. On one of those recent afternoons, Portrayou dropped in on a local Elk’s Club Car Show at Local #1905. The shots below are what we found there… WOW. WOWWEEWOW. #portrayouphotography  

29 Mar 2018

Stardust Hotel and the Buick that never existed

While browsing around our new home of Palm Springs, CA. we came across a 1970’s Buick Electra coupe. Someone had chopped the roof, created a faux hard-cover for the fauxvertible and painted the whole thing a lovely metallic gold/green. And it was in front of the Stardust Hotel, a classic update to a vintage property. And all on a sunny day with nothing to do but be captured by a passing camera who’s owner used to OWN a 1970’s Buick […]

31 May 2017

The Harmony of the World is made Manifest

This weekend, I got the opportunity to truly relax and spend two and a half lovely, unending days in these Oakland Hills with Cat, under a blanket of sun and silence. One of our activities was tending the succulent garden she dearly adores and has grown under her wing for nearly a year now. She creates beauty from the earth. I am awed. It is a gorgeous oasis. “The harmony of the world is made manifest” via Portrayou

24 May 2017

Shoe Repair here

At Al’s Attire, North Beach, SF, CA 

18 Jan 2017
27 Dec 2016

Things that are round

Recently, I’ve been drawn to create photographic art around the theme of circles and spheres.

27 Dec 2016

Holiday’s Eve Portraits!

We received a few magical presents over the Holiday: On Christmas Eve, some friends dropped by…

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