Western Vogue meets Mini-Horses

Yesterday, we said to each other:

“It’s a cloudless day in the valley, let’s get out there with a couple of cameras and make some art!”

And right after that decision, we discovered that Pioneertown, California was close so we grabbed our gear and took off into the high desert near Joshua Tree National Park

…turns out, we made the right choice, ’cause we ran into a whole HEAP of western inspiration, including shooting an impromptu fashion shoot!

When we arrived at Pioneertown, there was an event happening with MINIATURE HORSES!!!

So Cal Mini Horse Sanctuary was onsite to raise awareness and funds for their mini-horse rescue mission :)


I immediately met the leadership and volunteered our future time to helping them with portraiture of the horses, to which they answered YES and asked,

“Hey, if you have the time, we could use some help today….”

It turns out, they needed promo shots of their Rose Bowl parade fashion to turn in with their paperwork for the upcoming event!?!

And that’s how our first stop in the sun unfolded into the “Vogue meets the West” session you see below, shot by Cat Foshee and myself.

That’s also how art and creation unfold when you say, YES, to the act of following your inspiration and muse.


 IMG_0661 IMG_7796 IMG_7795 IMG_7794 IMG_7780 IMG_7759 IMG_7757 IMG_7750 IMG_7739 IMG_0660 IMG_0638

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