There is a purpose behind you.

The whole intends to show beauty through you.



When asked why we're photographers, we usually answer, "Wonder. Joy. Moments of magic."

6 years ago, we picked up our first DSLR and began to document our lives in the San Francisco Bay area. Having lived there for 4 years, we'd been immersed in the artist/performer/theatrical (and legendary) underground cultures that opened our eyes to a life of color.

It was a life of experiences that most people wouldn't or couldn't' believe. Unless there were photos. Adding a camera to our social-architect toolkit was the spark for the artography here in Portrayou.

The camera became the tool for the lens of wonder that surrounded us. We began to shoot and found that we were capturing the essence of our subjects, in candid form...holistically creating a record of the 1/200th of a second halo of truth. Soon, we realized we were capturing magic...exposing the beauty around us that was otherwise hidden.

Through Portrayou, we play with light and create unique experiences that shape a container of creative possibilities for your sessions.

We're sure you'll agree. Thanks for the opportunity to be your personal photographers.

Meet TexCat

Tex Allen

Tex Allen

"Tex has a keen artistic and compositional eye, a master of bringing forth (in an instant) the best of people, and is adept with the technical ability to combine these skills into beautiful, rich, and honest photos. He's got this bit honed to a magical science." - E. K.
Cat Foshee

Cat Foshee

I'm observing human experience. With all my being. Creative, Most Curious, Love Gifter, Facilitator of Awesome, Believer in Magic



First Impressions Count

Portrayou specializes in Portraiture that you can confidently use to represent your persona. Regardless of profession or need, we will create images you will be proud to present to your public and marketplace.
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Reinforcing your commitment to quality and professionalism

We capture details and nuances, through detailed journalistic photography that tells a story about your business, services or goods. Our approach is holistic, in that we try to gain a full glimpse of your business, your desires and your personality through our consultations.
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Where life stands still and a story unfolds

Time spent, memories forged and experiences shared serve as bonds that make life sweeter and richer as years pass by.
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